Virtual network is an online portal designed to provide Internet access and health services for medical providers, the public, and community organizations.

Executive Office of Health and Human Services

There are three service categories, including government workers, consumers and providers. Its main goal is to provide novel, innovative, and good services for the common interests of citizens. The virtual gateway was designed by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (eohhs). The virtual gateway combines information with online services to provide a connection to a single location on the Internet, making it easy for people to connect to human services and critical health information and procedures.

Many people in the same family use virtual gateways to conduct business with government agencies. Activities related to the performance of virtual gateway users include.

Multiple program applications are submitted. The department applies for a series of human service programs, such as masshealth and the use of integrated single online applications.
Manage service plans. It is a service management for homeless people, children, veterans, disabled people and the elderly with the assistance of eohhs department.
Service records and bill submission. It is to fill in and submit service invoices and reports through eohhs front door agencies.
The virtual gateway expands its ability to provide efficient public services by reducing the time to apply for services and affirming qualifications. Speed up many service applications for families and individuals. It also improves the management of most vulnerable citizens’ cases and service delivery. Virtual gateways are recognized for their outstanding achievements in government and technological innovation. Tong Zhong was awarded the Honorable Mention Computer World Award in 2005, and the Financial and Administrative Transformation Excellence Award from the National E-Commerce Coordination Council in 2007.

Qualitative Research Skills for Social Work

Virtual gateways have a great impact with many people. The technology that has been promoted for the common good is inestimable and outstanding, and most beneficiaries truly recognize and appreciate it. The help of virtual gateway capabilities and concern for poor people remains the highest priority in order to reduce human rights violations. Community services are also strengthened to ensure that every family and every child can get an appropriate mental, emotional and behavioral understanding of the necessary services for success.

The creation of the virtual gateway provides ethical, financial and intellectual support to many people who use online technology. Innovation is constantly growing and expanding so that more people can benefit from their plans. The social services and support that the virtual gateway obtains from its partners provide the best results for every process towards a safe and harmonious life. It is to build the reputation of a person with hope and trust. The virtual gateway solves all possible problems through truly realistic and responsive operating conditions and manual services.