An article dedicated to professionals who work in the child welfare system. There is no grateful and merciless work in the department. People need to know the daily experience of the workers.

Now, somewhere, a child welfare case worker ensures that a child is safe. Qu Qu holds his bladder because Qu does not have time to use the toilet; Qu does not have a long phone call and waits for Qu to go to the toilet to rest. Qudi starved to death, because Quxi missed lunch, because of all the children’s welfare dramas surrounding Quxi customers.

Commitment in Public Child Welfare

Somewhere, a child welfare worker set up a gasoline pump, and he took care of Zuozi, because he used all the fuel tanks to visit the house, and followed up with his clients’ families.

Somewhere, a case-handling officer was harassed, screamed, threatened, told to do some local work, talked about it, talked about his work, and/or did not respect the client, referred Source, social and/or public officials.

He missed his time with his family, because his work would not stop at 4 o’clock or 4:30. Ditch worked late and got up early. Qu sits in the hospital and supervises a desperate child, nowhere to hang his hat and go home.

Qu Zheng was busy answering the phone call at night while the others were sleeping soundly. Qu Qiao calls on weekends and holidays to ensure that their children are protected. She missed her time with her family, because she was called to deal with something, and she talked to another room phone, because the call machine flicked, interrupting precious moments with her family.

Child Protection Oversight

He worked late and missed other family activities with his children. They strive to ensure that every child has a good life in a safe and healthy environment.

It is the life of a child service case worker. If you love a child care worker or any type of caseworker, or just appreciate the work done by this fearless soul, share the text with someone.

Thank you to all social workers and child welfare professionals for ensuring your child’s safety!